Milwaukee Launched a New M18 Cordless Rotary Hammer (2613)

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Milwaukee Tool launched a new M18 brushless 1″ SDS D-handle rotary hammer, model 2613.

The new cordless rotary hammer is said to drill 3/8″ x 2″ deep holes faster than with corded d-handle rotary hammers.

It can drill up to (100) holes 3/8″ wide and 2″ deep per charge when powered with an XC 5Ah battery.

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Rotary Hammer 2613 Drilling into Ceiling

The M18 brushless rotary hammer measures 15″ long x 6.1″ tall x 3.2″ wide, and weighs 5.3 lbs (tool-only).

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Rotary Hammer 2613 Chipping Concrete Pad

There are 3 operating modes – rotary-only, chipping-only, and rotary hammer.

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Rotary Hammer 2613 Drilling through Wood Stud and Concrete Floor

An anti-vibration system (AVS) helps to deliver maximized user comfort.

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Rotary Hammer 2613 Tool-Only

Key Features & Specs

  • SDS Plus chuck
  • 1.95 ft-lbs impact energy
  • 1,270 RPM
  • 4,580 BPM
  • Rotary, hammer, rotary hammer modes
  • Anti-vibration design
  • LED light
  • Chisel rotation feature
  • 15″ length
  • Weighs 5.3 lbs (tool-only), 6.9 lbs with 5Ah battery

The rotary hammer pairs with the M12 HammerVac universal dust extractor (2509) to meet OSHA Table 1 compliance.

Price: $199 for the tool-only (2613-20)

If you’re looking for a more powerful cordless rotary hammer, Milwaukee launched a new M18 Fuel 1-1/4″ SDS Max rotary hammer a few months ago.

Milwaukee M18 Brushless vs M18 Fuel

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Rotary Hammers 2713 vs 2613
Milwaukee 2613 (top) and 2713 (bottom) cordless rotary hammers.

Milwaukee Tool launched the 2713 M18 Fuel 1″ SDS Plus rotary hammer 7 years ago, in March 2016. Now, they are launching the 2613 brushless 1″ SDS Plus rotary hammer.

Let’s see how they compare on paper.

Again, 2713 is the older M18 Fuel model, 2613 is the new M18 brushless model. Both are 1″ SDS Plus D-handle rotary hammers.

Impact Energy

2713: 2.1 ft-lbs
2613: 1.95 ft-lbs

Max Speed

2713: 1,500 RPM
2613: 1,270 RPM

Max Hammer Rate

2713: 4,400 BPM
2613: 4,580 BPM


2713: 16.6″
2613: 15″

Weight (tool-only)

2713: 6.05 lbs
2613: 5.3 lbs

Price (tool-only)

2713: $249
2613: $199

Comparison Summary

The 2613 is shorter and lighter, and has an anti-vibration feature. The 2713 is a Fuel-series tool, with slightly higher impact energy and rotational speed.

Both have a chisel rotation function and LED light.

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