Makita is Really Launching a Cordless Microwave

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Makita is adding a cordless microwave to their XGT system of cordless power tools.

There have been April Fools Day jokes and mockups over the years, but Makita is really introducing the first-ever cordless microwave that is directly powered by cordless power tool batteries.

The new Makita cordless microwave can deliver 500W of power for up to 8 minutes, after which it automatically switches to a lower power 350W mode. It has an 8L (~0.28 cubic feet) capacity.

With (2) XGT 40V Max 8Ah batteries installed, the cordless microwave can reheat about 11 refrigerated lunches or 20 drinks (each 200 mL/~6.8oz).

Makita XGT Cordless Microwave

Makita says that their new cordless microwave lets you heat food in many different environments where there might not be an AC power source.

The microwave is advertised as being suited for:

  • Building and construction sites
  • “In-car dining”
  • Disaster preparedness

Given Makita’s growth in the outdoor recreational space, I would anticipate the microwave also being marketed for camping, tailgating, and other such activities.

Makita Cordless Microwave Portability

The microwave features a folding top handle, and an optional carrying strap loops through slots in the handle for an additional carrying option.

Makita cautions that the microwave cannot be used for storage or to carry things; it’s not a tool box.

It weighs 8.8 kg (19.4lbs) without batteries.

The microwave will immediately deactivate if the door is opened during use, and there is an additional safety feature that deactivates the microwave if it’s tilted.

Makita Cordless Microwave with USB Charging

The cordless microwave also features a USB port for charging electronic devices. Its USB-A port can deliver a maximum output of 2.4A at 5V.

Makita XGT Cordless Microwave Runtime Chart

Makita provided a handy chart with approximate runtime when powered by (2) XGT batteries. Keep in mind that 500W operation is limited to 8 minutes before automatically switching to 350W, presumably with a cooldown time required.

At this time, Makita has only announced the XGT microwave in Japan. It will cost ¥71,500 (~$540 at the time of this posting) excluding VAT for the tool/appliance-only.

If Makita also plans to launch this here, would you buy one?

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