Check out this Trusco Steel Tool Box

Yes, in 1965 my father bought his house for $18,000, about a 6000 sq ft lot, 3 bedroom split level. Seems like yesterday.

What I do remember is that repairmen…for the TV, for washer/dryer and other appliances, and other service people, so many had cantilever tool boxes. Usually the big “barn” style toolbox.

Being a kid back then, I loved looking at these boxes and all the nooks and crannies the service people would use for tools or parts. When ever a repairman of any kind came to the house, I was glued to them, watching. Not to see they were honest, just my fascination with what they were doing.

When I was in my late teens, I bought my first toolbox. I can’t remember the brand, but it was blue with the “barn” style cover.

I filled it with my tools and then I tried picking it up…holy Cr*p! Years later I sold the box in a garage sale (which is too bad because it was very thick gauge steel), but I still have a love for Cantilever tool boxes.

In the early 2000’s, my son was working for an auto parts distributor and they had Hazet tools. He got me the Hazet 190L metal tool box at a big discount. It is in my truck with all kinds of tools to this day. Great box once I lubed the arm rivets.

I also bought a Durhand box acouple of years ago, looks a lot like this

I can’t speak for the one on the link, but the Durhand I bought is very thin gauge metal, about as thin as I have seen for a tool box.

About 2 months ago, I bought this

AND this

Both are plastic and will make great specialty boxes. The Torin in particular is for my Fein multi tool and all of the various cutters I have for it. My Fein came with a Systainer but once the tool and battery are in it, there is only room for a few cutters.

Anyway, although not always the most practical, and can also be quite heavy when loaded up, I have an unexplained love for cantilever boxes. (tackle boxes are OK but too light duty and also because lures can be small, they have too many small divisions)

I had seen this Trusco many times, just never had a reason to get it versus others. Knowing that it is made in Japan and Stuart’s article making it to be a good box, I will probably see about getting one in the coming weeks.

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